We believe that the answer to this is in most cases effective marketing. In our experience most exceptional schools know how to communicate with their audiences to build an attractive reputation that draws interest.

So what is effective marketing? That depends on your schools specific area of challenge; new competitors, poor public perception, falling rolls, BSF threats, OFSTED inspection performance or reputation management issues.

Each challenge and context is unique, however, it will involve some or all of the following; a clear direction for your organisation, consistent, outstanding literature and media, strong feeder primary school relationships and full open evenings where prospective students and parents are engaged and keen to attend.

In our experience, the solution is knowing where to start and doing it right first time.


We have an award winning team that develops exceptional school literature that inspires students and reassures parents. Our team is highly experienced, working with all types of media and developing tools to help schools grow.

From film, to online TV platforms and content managed websites, through to combining media formats to deliver truly ground breaking solutions into the education sector, such as augmented reality Apps, social media campaigns and interactive prospectuses.

Our experience ensure that we know what works and where to start, so that any investment in marketing your organisation delivers that results that you require.

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Grow your school through strong feeder primary school relationships

what we offer

Imagine hundreds of year 5 pupils all desperate to attend your school. Every school knows that if it could only build strong enough relationships with its feeder primary schools, its parents and pupils then their school would be full.

The problem is that most schools can’t resource this to the level required to make this a reality. Perfect Education has a process that schools can engage that is proven to work and does not require the school to commit extensive time or resources.

Grow your school through a full open evening

Your open evening is a huge opportunity for your school to shine. However, poor attendance often means that many great open evening presentations are wasted and left unseen. So why do parents often not attend open evenings?

The answer is because in their mind it was not important enough. So to ensure that it is full, and many of our open evenings often have 6-700 people attending, you need to make it unmissable, an event worth attending.

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