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At Perfect Education we understand the importance of connecting with your Alumni and the many benefits that this activity can bring to your school, your students and the local community.

From raising the aspirations of existing students, to enhancing your schools reputation, through to fundraising activities, mentoring students and internship programs, your Alumni is your community, you are a part of them, just as they are a part of you.

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The nature of education is changing and 24/7 connectivity is the new essential for students, with internet connected mobile devices now becoming an integral part of young peoples lives.

To enable education organisation's to adapt to a rapidly changing communication landscape we're pushing the boundaries with market leading App solutions.

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A successful brand identity will communicate clearly the market positioning, ethos and values of a school, college or academy.

It should provides the target audience with a visual connection that is consistent and controlled.

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Crisis ManagementCrisis Management

Every school has the potential become involved in a crisis each and everyday that can escalate from a local issue to become a national event within hours.

Happily, most pass without incident, often without escalating to become the potential crisis that was envisaged at the time.

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In recognition of our expertise at producing film and media projects for education organisations we were awarded the Marketing For Good Award for ‘Best Use of New Media’.

We understand the importance of film to today's YouTube generation and how to use it effectively.

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The promotion of any school, college or academy requires the support of the local press.

Building these relationships with journalists can be time consuming and in certain situations challenging, so let Perfect Education take the pressure away from you.

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If you're looking to create your next school prospectus and would like the process to be simple and uncomplicated then Perfect Education can help you.

From creating and printing your next prospectus, to developing an interactive online version and even integrating it with mobile Apps, we are quite simply the market leaders.

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Why do students choose to come to your school, sixth form or college? What is the key decision making criteria for selecting a particular course or subject area? What perception do students have of your college or sixth form?

We follow a social marketing approach to research that develops insights to understand behaviours.

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School TVe™ is an on-line broadcasting platform that transforms the way schools can grow by connecting with students, parents and the wider education community.

Created by Perfect Education, it enhances students communication skills, with the unique potential to reach out to other cultures and countries.

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Take your prospective students and their parents around your new or existing building and show them why your school is the right choice.

This is now possible without them even having to leave their own home, with a filmed virtual tour or our interactive 360 digital virtual tour.

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Perfect education are experts at providing school, colleges and academies with effective display systems that can enhance how you communicate with your audiences.

Schools and academies that have specialist status and wish to promote their specialism visually, now have the option of installing unique wall graphics either internally or externally.

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At Perfect Education we understand that your website is usually the first point of contact that Ofsted, a potential student or prospective parent will have with you.

It's important that you are in control of your own website, so that it remains upto date and that it provides the key information and experience that users expect.

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