ProspectsProspectus Design

One of the key challenges that many schools and academies face is understanding who their audience really is and how they can reach them. Historically, it has been the parent that has made the decision.

However, today, prospective year 7’s have become more influencial in the decision making process. The skill is producing literature that speaks to the parent through the student and we have developed a specific approach to this that is highly effective.

Digital Prospectus and Augmented Reality

At Perfect Education we understand how to create an award winning prospectus that has the ability to communicate with both parents and prospective students without alienating either audience.

The emergence of smart phones and tablets is also changing that way a prospectus is delivered and consumed. Many online browsers now prefer to interact with your prospectus whilst reviewing your website. To enable schools to adapt to this changing landscape and enhance the users online experience, we can transform your prospectus into an interactive flipbook that allows users to turn the pages whilst online and even click on and watch videos.

By integrating your prospectus with a school App you can even bring them to life through Augmented Reality, which transforms your traditional printed document into a version that features updateable film content.

If your School or Academy would like to learn more about how we create an award winning prospectus and make the process simple and easy for our clients, then please contact us.