Crisis ManagementCrisis Management

What can your school do if a real crisis does arise? A crisis that could severely damage your schools reputation and place you in the full glare of the national media within hours of it emerging. Do you have the experience and systems in place to manage this situation effectively? Does you leadership team know what to do?

Schools are a cauldron of potential risks. Most contain in excess of 1000 students each of which have the potential to be influenced negatively by peer pressure, criminals and uncaring adults within their community.

They are at a vulnerable stage of their development and need to be protected from harm. In addition there are often over 200 staff, who also have the potential to be harmed or harm students, whether deliberately, subversively or accidentally. Safeguarding systems are rightly given key emphasis by OFSED precisely because of the potential risks to both staff and students within schools.

Online and social media also present a risk to schools, events that could previously be contained at a local level, are now liable to become a national event.

Protecting your school, staff and students

When situations arise as a result of circumstances beyond your control or through failed systems, Perfect Education can help your school manage the crisis so that serious damage to your reputation is avoided or limited.

Perfect Education is a specialist within the education sector and our crisis management team is one of the most experienced in the country. We have handled some of the most serious types of crisis situations and represented our clients at a national level. We understand how a crisis can evolve within the media and we know how protect our education clients reputation.

If you need to discuss a current or potential crisis situation in full confidence, the please contact us. Our Reputation Management team have the experience and expertise to help and are ready to assist you.