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Why don’t school websites deliver customers?

Lets begin by asking the question, just what are school websites supposed to do?

The answer is simple. They are supposed to connect with the school community and the wider community.

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The secret for easy student recruitment?

A simple question, with an equally simple answer. Most schools carry out ‘me too’ marketing activity. They don’t differentiate themselves from their competitors. As a result they are not very visible to their target audience. They are like wall paper and the only reason that they are considered as a destination is often location.

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Grow Your School on a Shoestring!

Like it or not school budgets are falling fast. Even if this year your schools budget appears healthy, you can be sure it won’t be next year as the scale of the government cuts begin to bite. So how do you, a headteacher, continue to promote your school ahead of your competitors with ever decreasing resources at your disposal?

The answer lies in the partner you choose to help you.

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