As the learning environment changes, education organisations are adapting their approach to learning to enable today’s students to live, learn and thrive in a rapidly evolving ‘virtual’ world.

This immediate and evolving process of adaption is required to meet the biggest challenge faced by the businesses of tomorrow, that of keeping pace with technology and maintaining a competitive advantage.

We're helping education organisation's to meet this challenge with some of the most innovative mobile App solutions. From location based Apps, to Augmented Reality Apps and Apps that bring brochures to life through embedded film. If you have an App question or idea then you're in good company and definitely in the right place.

The Pace of Change

With Students now having the ability to connect to information through mobile devices, it's important to maintain currency and remain relevant. It's amazing to think that 5 years ago the iPhone didn't even exist and today you can't imagine life without mobile devices. Mobile connectivity is presenting huge opportunities for education organisations to enhance the student learning experience and provide them with the skills required by the businesses of tomorrow.

As you’ve seen in the above film, one area of opportunity is the development of online video and its potentials use in education specific App’s or as we call them, eApps.

These have the power to transform and promote learning by making the experience not only engaging and exciting, but one that is also unique to each student due to its mobile capabilities.

Apps also provide education organisations with the capability to rapidly adapt to the evolving learning requirements of students and if this information is used effectively, to build apps that make collaborative learning a reality.

This is a very exciting area from Augmented Reality Apps to eApps to eBrochure Apps. To discuss creating a mobile App for your school, college or academy then please contact us.